Being a Lunch Monitor

Have you ever been in a room with two other girls your age?  Probably.  But  have you ever been in a room with those two girls and 26 second graders? Maybe,  but probably not.

Lunch timeThis year I signed up to lunch monitor and was chosen to help with a grade two.  I was  excited to find out my friend was doing it with me.  We jumped for joy but we were soon stumbling over little kids.

We go every day and it is a BIG responsibility! If someone gets hurt then you are the adult in the situation!  If someone is choking one of has to preform the Heimlich while the other gets an adult.  The thought of that scared me at first but after a while I got used to the idea.  It feels good to know someone trusts you enough with 26 kids.

Now I may have oversold it in the last paragraph.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the kids but some of them can be… painful.  Can you open this?  Can we play hangman?  Can I pick the word?  It can get extremely annoying.  But I’m not on this site to complain, I’m here to share.  So in the next paragraph I will only say positive things.

I love the kids because they are so wild.  I feel like I am working in a zoo.  They are so playful and really respectful for second graders. Plus there smiles make me want to become a teacher.  Maybe I will.  Anyway if you get the chance to lunch monitor then sign up for sure.

I hope that you have learned a little bit about being a lunch monitor.


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Farrukh via Compfight

10 thoughts on “Being a Lunch Monitor

  1. Hi Maya,
    As someone who has been in a room with 24 second graders (and 30 seventh graders), I can say it is always an exciting experience. You are right, there can be a down side–it is a lot of work, but I think you are also noticing how rewarding that work can be. I thoroughly enjoy the humour in this piece–the picture is just perfect. I am looking forward to more of your posts, Maya!
    ~Ms. Smith

    • Hi!
      Thanks for commenting on my post. It was my first “choice piece” I have done so it was pretty hard. From just four months of lunch monitoring I have learned so much. Know I know what teaching is like. Well toned down a lot. By the way, I spent ten minutes searching for that picture! It really is a zoo in there!
      Thanks again, Maya

  2. Hi Maya
    I am the same with little kids I LOVE them but they can be annoying at the same time I think it is awesome you help little kids awesome Job
    by the way I love the zebras!!

    • Thanks for reading my post Kendra!
      I looked for an appropriate picture for ten minutes! When I saw the zebras I knew it was perfect! I really appreciate you commenting because you are one of the first people to, that is not a friend or someone I have commented on.
      Thanks! Maya

  3. Hello, My name is Akaylia and I’m a 6th grader at Chimacum middle school in port Hadlock Wa, I really like your blog and I don’t see any spelling errors. My teacher to try to find someone to give feedback to, so I chose you ! I think I’ll have to say, good job! 🙂

    Please look at my class blog.

    • Hi Akaylia! Thanks for reading! I am not sure why you chose me, but thank you. I will try and read some of your posts, I am just so busy!

  4. Hi Maya,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I don’t have lunch monitor at my school but it sounds super fun, but I do have a whole bunch of little cousins that I am constantly monitoring. Those kids are like uncaged zoo animals running around the zoo! I love the crazy zoo animals ( my little cousins) and my crazy family.

    • Hi Blythe! Thanks for commenting and reading my post. It is nice to know that someone is reading and understands. The kids are so great but sometimes they can be to much to handle. Your cousins sound fun though. What’s better than a day at the zoo?

  5. Dear Maya,

    Congratulations on your class blog! Your blog is great with lots of information about what you do. Anyway I wanted you to know that zebras are my favorite animals. I liked that you sighed up for being lunch monitor that sounds very fun! Why did you pick to be a lunch monitor and a zebra as your picture?

    Courtney Rieff

    • Hi Courtney,
      Thanks for reading and commenting on my post! I signed up for lunch monitoring because:
      1. I know lots of the kids in the class.
      2. My friends wanted to do it with me.
      3. My classroom can get very loud during lunch, and I wanted a break.

      Oh and by the way I chose the zebra picture because it had to do with my zoo reference and it wasn’t copyrighted. Anyway thanks again!


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